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About The Teacher Track

Innovative Ideas for Schools, Families, and Churches

Innovative Ideas for Schools, Families and Churches

Are you looking for resources that transform and inspire?  Then you've come to the right place. The Teacher Track, LLC, provides consulting, workshops, teaching tools, books, articles, training modules and more. Everything we offer has been carefully researched to help you meet with success and lead to school transformation. Browse our store and check our Resources pages for free downloadable resources updated regularly at your request. 

Polished and Proven


Dr. Sandra Doran holds a doctorate in special education from Boston University and has worked with administrators, parents and teachers for more than 25 years--with a proven track record of offering fresh hope and concrete help. She has been in the business of transforming schools for more than 25 years.

Fresh and Inspiring


"THANK YOU FOR A GREAT WORKSHOP! I just finished typing my notes to share with colleagues. This was TOO valuable to lose! You gave us so much new learning, presented it clearly, shared your personal experiences, and inspired me with your compassion and insight. This will not only change me, it will lead to a whole school transformation!"

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